Building from the pixel up!

About Me

I've been working in the field since 2013, and by now I've been part of a lot of projects. From wireframe to finished website I've planned, designed, and developed. I prefer to develop in Wordpress with Bootstrap and ACF Pro. I've worked in all kinds of existing websites, some built well, some not so much, but each one has taught me a little more about web development. I've also done SEO maintenance, accessibility updates, and reinvented user flows.

I also enjoy creating logos and illustrations, but of course I'll use elements of the existing brand elements. When I design websites I like to use the philosophy of treating it like a company's best sales person - creating the perfect pitch, with the right tone, and the right amount of information to draw people in.


I enjoy the process of creating a website including:

  • Planning user experience design
  • Designing mockups
  • Building it! developing the front-end
  • Testing quality assurance
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